The Sonoma County Vineyard Technical Group (SCVTG) is a non-profit 501c(5) organization of grape growers, allied industry members and others interested in wine grape growing practices that sustain and improve vine health and fruit quality. Any individual may join the SCVTG.

New or renewed annual membership dues can be paid at any time beginning in November. Membership is for the following calendar year. People who attend meetings without joining the SCVTG are kindly encouraged to join.

Membership dues are $50 a person; there are no corporate or industry memberships. If more than one individual from a company is likely to attend meetings, a $50 membership is due for each individual or household. Spouses living under the same roof pay a single, $50 membership fee.

Student Memberships are available; students may attend free of charge, although if possible we do appreciate a donation in kind for up to $20 per student per year.

Technical meetings are held monthly for nine months of the year and at each meeting a single topic of interest is addressed. Invited presenters are from academic institutions and industry; promotional or commercial presentations are not given. Visit our Meeting Calendar Page to see upcoming, and previous meetings.

The SCVTG is organized under a board of directors. Directors are responsible for selecting appropriate meeting topics. Each director serves a two-year term and candidates are nominated by members in November to fill board vacancies. Elections for the board are held in December.

PositionBoard of DirectorsSinceTerm
PresidentJason Saling20112024
Vice PresSteve Ponzo20212024
TreasurerJenna Russell20212024
SecretaryRebecca Mullaney20222025
DirectorMerilark Padgett-Johnson, PhD20082025
DirectorSandy Valera20092024
DirectorEric Pooler20102025
DirectorJoan Patrick20162025
DirectorJeff Baccus20212024
DirectorJerry Mackling20212024
DirectorJohn Gorman20222023
DirectorLaura Breyer20232024
DirectorDave Koball20242025
Ex-OfficioMisty Eland20222024